Planning Context is a boutique consulting service that has a focus on research, policy and governance. Under the leadership of Charles Johnson, Planning Context provides high quality planning services that are tailored to the client’s unique requirements. Charles provides over 30 years of senior experience in State and local government and in the research and consultation that informs policy preparation. Katrina has held senior positions in State Government agencies including local government and housing.

We believe that an important ingredient for a successful project is the degree to which collaboration forms part of the project as a whole. We have been involved in many successful planning projects that have seen close collaboration with its project consultant team and a range of stakeholders. 

Projects recently undertaken include:  
• Town of Claremont Housing Capacity Study.
• City of South Perth Retails Need Assessment.
• WALGA and Department of Health Local Government Planning Guidelines for the Control of Location of Licensed  Premises.
• WALGA Review of Planning Fees and Charges.
• Woodsome Management Alambra Rural Living Project. 
• Metropolitan Local Government Reform - Development and Analysis of Alternative Models. 
• RDA Goldfields Esperance Submission on White Paper Energy •Security
• RDA Perth Regional Plan for Perth 
• LandCorp Peer Review of Developer Contributions Scheme for  Latitude 32 Industrial Development 
• Department of Transport ‘Moving People ’Scoping Workshop 
• City of Canning Review of Strategic and Regulatory Services. 
• City of Albany Review of Development Services. 
• Sub-consultant on Browse Basin Social Impact Assessment.
• Submissions on Directions 2031. 
• Strategic planning advice to the University of Western Australia.